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What is City Guide Spain's mision and objective?

We have 2 fundamental missions:

Create the best guide application for citizens and tourists from all over Spain.

At City Guide Spain we believe that technology and design should coexist seamlessly. With all the activities we have to do throughout the day, why not make the most important things the easiest?


The aim of City Guide Spain is to help you discover and navigate your city, while freeing yourself from everyday stress and taking care of the details that waste your time. To do this, we have one of the most innovative teams in the industry, to provide a robust system and improve the lives of all our users.

Help local businesses gain visibility and be discovered.

City Guide Spain wants to support local businesses by helping tham gain visibility without the need to fight with search engines and learn about SEO.

With our group of developers available at your discretion, you can have fully integrated applications.

Users will be able to discover the SMEs and sole trader registered, as well as enabling them access an endless number of functions designed to highlight the best characteristics of each business.


Ready to register your business?

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